Thursday, 15 October 2020

Think Big!

Before introducing this topic to you, I would like to ask you this question. What do you understand by Thinking Big? Answer this question to yourself before you continue reading this post. You see, to think big isn’t necessarily about having the best house, riding the best car or possessing the best resources just to oppress other people. To think big means to see beyond the level that you are in at the moment. It means to make use of your imagination to explore the great possibilities and what may seem impossible to you in achieving your purpose on earth.

It is about creating the life that you want in your mind and going for it. In thinking big are no limitations. Your mind is the best resource that you can ever possess in creating the life that you so desire. Thinking big is not just about yourself. When you have the success mindset, you are thinking about the millions or billions of people that will benefit from your creativity. Big thinkers do not settle for less. They are not afraid of the ideas their mind gives them access to. The good thing about this is that everyone was designed to think big, all things being equal. However, thinking big does not come without challenges. Challenges will always come with the package. In fact, it is the challenges you face as a big thinker that earns you the respect. Nothing good comes easy. If it did, every Tom, Dick and Harry will enjoy the life they have always dreamed of. For you to reap a thousand, you need to have sown a hundred. So let me ask you these question; What do you use the most precious gift given to you called the mind for? What do you use your Creativity for? What do you use your ideas for? Do you think within or outside the box?

Every man and every woman was created with the potential to do more, think more, be more than they can ever imagine themselves to be. It only takes your determination, focus and intentionality to use your mind to your benefit. It does not matter how much your best ideas have failed. There are many more ideas you are yet to uncover that will hit jackpot.

So today, I plead with you to not allow your abilities, gifts and talents go to waste. Is there an idea that has been on your mind lately but you think you are too small to execute it? Don’t throw in the towel. Pick that idea up. Dissect it. There will always be a way around it. Do what you can do to make sure it works. If it doesn’t, move to the next big idea. Don’t give up 3 inches to hitting your gold. Make a promise to yourself that you will dare to think big!
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