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The 5 Seconds Rule by Mel Robbins

I came across Mel Robbins on the internet one day when I was researching on the highest paid motivational speakers. When I watched her videos, I could see why she was one of the most sought after female motivational speakers. One of such teachings that shifted something in me was The 5 Seconds Rule.

 Let me let you guys in on a secret (Don’t tell anyone. Keep it between us). This rule was one of the things that pushed me to writing and publishing my very first book. You see, I have always known I had the gift of writing. I have been writing since I was 8 years. No biggie right? There are so many people with such gift. However, I didn’t get any of my books in print and published for public consumption until I turned 23 this year. This is so sad you may be thinking. Why did it take me this long to present such a brilliant gift to the world? Because my first book really is a gift to the world. The answer is simple, fear. I am not going to delve into that because it’s an entire topic on its own. If you want me to write on that, leave a comment below.

 The 5 seconds Rule made me write this book without the fear that not many people would read my book despite the fact that I was making it free. I remember so many people complaining to me that I shouldn’t have made it free because it had so much value. But I didn’t know my book could bring so many testimonies. I did it anyway and I wrote it in 11 days. Yes, I said it. I wrote it in 11 days.

Below are some of the lessons I got from listening to Mel Robbins’ 5 Seconds Rule. Trust me, if you can follow this rule to the later, you will come to the comment section to say thank you. This rule states that if you have an instinct to act on a goal, you need to move within 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, your brain kills it with all kinds of excuses and reasons the goal will not work. 

1. When you get the idea move: By idea I mean productive ideas. Ideas that move you forward. We all know that one thing that can move us forward but we always look for excuses to not act on it. This rule states that when you receive an idea, move immediately. For instance, when your alarm clock goes off by 5am, stand up immediately. Don’t press the snooze button. Mel Robbins explains that she keeps her alarm clock in the bathroom, such that when the alarm goes off, she goes straight to the bathroom to switch it off, she has moved so nothing stops her from washing her face and starting her day. Do whatever would work for you. 

2. Count down starting from 5: Research has shown that when you count down from 5 and not the other way round, your brain kick-starts. It shoots off like a space rocket. In fact, this rule was originated from the launching of a rocket (5…4…3…2…1…Launch!). It stirs up urgency within you. It brings excitement. You do not have the time to say no to that idea. 

3. Don’t entertain your fears and excuses: Once you have moved, you need to tell yourself that you won’t back off. You will press forward. There’s a tendency for you to want to pull out right in the middle of executing that goal. Your brain must switch from Autopilot mode to Direct mode. Autopilot is the mode that we operate in when we do things without consciously thinking about it. It often helps us multitask. However, most people operate with negative habits and attitudes in the autopilot mode. You need to switch your brain back to Direct mode. You need to be intentional about shaping your attitudes. Breaking the old habits, negative thought patterns and attitudes. This is called mindfulness.

4. Create a system around executing your goals: Having a system around executing your goals is very important. It keeps you on your toes. One of the systems I recommend is being accountable to someone. When you have an accountability partner, you are forced to honor your word. When you are accountable to anyone, there’s a tendency to give up in the face of challenges. You can decide to belong to a community that inspires you to do more and be more. The systems you create enables you take charge of your life.

There’s so much you can learn from Mel Robbin’s The 5 Seconds Rule. I have only scratched the surface with this post. However, if you can take these four highlights I have made and apply them to your life, you will see a significant change. So get done what needs to be done. Do it and do it afraid.
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