Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Why Being Perfect Isn't Always Good.

It sounds good when you say, I'm a perfectionist. I like to give things my best. It is either perfect or nothing. While it is great that you strive to do things perfectly, life isn't always perfect. You may have seen the big picture in your mind but getting your imaginations to reality can be difficult. And when things don't end up perfect, you beat yourself up or abandon that project you have embarked on. Thus, perfectionism isn't always good.

To properly understand all of these, we need to define perfectionism. Perfectionism means an unwillingness to settle for anything less than perfect. While a lot people mean it to be an attitude of wanting to always attain perfection and paying attention to every detail, it often tilts to the negative side. It could also be a precursor for mental health issues. Perfectionism often ends up not getting things to be perfect. When perfectionists can't achieve this, they blame themselves and start to feel that they are not good enough. They start to doubt their intelligence and talents so that they end up having low self-esteem. They are no longer confident in their abilities because their idea of success is perfection.

Perfectionists tend to procrastinate a lot. They postpone a project or a goal for a later date which they believe will be more convenient to achieve the goal. More often than not, perfectionists have the fear of failure. Their desire to attain perfection may be drawn from experiences they had in the past. They may have started something they had so much confidence in which ended up being a flop or didn't pay off. So they would rather not start anything except they are sure it will end up bringing them accolades for the work they put in. What they do not realize is that nothing good comes easy and it takes a lot of study and practice to get things done perfectly. For every flawless presentation a person makes, there were a lot of rehearsals done in private. For every win a successful person has, there are a lot of failed launches.

Rather than focus on being perfect, focus on achieving the aim of that goal. It won't matter if there are a few hiccups here and there when you realize that you achieved the main purpose of embarking on that project. Don't dwell on the failure, dwell on the lessons. Don't allow a past failure stop you from applying the lessons you have learnt to a new project. Truth is, you can actually reach perfection so far you are consistent. So let perfectionism not be a burden to you but a motivation to do more, be more and give more.
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