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Review of XXIII Things I Have Learnt.

My first book, 23 Things I have learnt gave me a wonderful opportunity to pour out my heart to many who would benefit from the lessons I have learnt so far in my life. Although, I have learnt so much it can't possibly fit into one book, I chose 23 key things that applies to all areas of life which everyone can resonate with.

Why am I reviewing my own book?
The day I launched the e-copy of my book, I got so many great feedbacks. To be frank, the response beat my expectations. Here's one by someone I respect so much:
I love the simplicity of the book, the lucid lessons that sprawled across different pages. My favorite chapter is "Take your own advice" as I think it is a lesson we should apply in our quotidian interactions. 23 things I have learnt is a  free gift to the world, a priceless treasure everyone should unwrap – Emmanuel Faith, HR Professional, Author of Lagos doesn't sleep.

In this post, I'll be reviewing Chapter 11; Take your own advice briefly. As I wrote this chapter, I felt like I was not only speaking to my readers but also to myself. Do you know why? Because everyone of us is guilty of this; giving advice but never taking yours. Frankly, this isn't only unwise, we cheat ourselves of the brilliant ideas we give to people for free. Ok, you may say to yourself, " I'm a coach. I give advice to people for a fee." But do you really practice all the steps you take your clients through? Not all the time, I guess.

Now that you have recognized that you cheat yourself when you don't take your own advice, what can you do to make sure you don't make such mistake again?

1. Before you pick out the speck in your neighbour's eye, pick out the log in yours first. Start with applying your advice to yourself before offering it to someone else. 

2. Journal your advice. I do this alot. Whenever I am less busy, I paint scenarios in my mind, scenarios I am likely to come across in future. When I do this, I journal whatever conclusion I come up with. Soon, I start practicing it and it becomes easier to give it out as an advice.

3. Learn to trust your discretion. Alot of people don't give themselves credit for coming up with brilliant ideas or advice. Sometimes you should trust yourself. Your advice is more useful than you think.

4. Reversal:There are times that your own advice won't benefit you. You need the help of other people. Don't take your own advice if it won't benefit you.

I hope you will take it upon yourself to take your own advice from now on. Remember, people will be happier taking advice from you when they see you living it.

There are 22 other interesting topics I touched in the book. Click on this link, XXIII Things I Have Learnt. to get a free copy. Yes, I said FREE! Take it as a gift from me to you. All I ask is that you live a much better life than you did before.
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  1. Honestly I was stunned reading this Chapter 11. It reaffirms the saying that "things are easier said than done". We really need to teach ourselves before teaching others.


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