Saturday, 6 June 2020

Throw Yourself Outside the Box!

The problem that so many people have is limitation.  We say to ourselves, "I want to do this but I can't" or "I sincerely wish I could be like him or her but I don't have that privilege" or "If I had started earlier, I know I'd have gotten to where that fellow is or even passed there". These are all lies we tell ourselves. I am so guilty of this. I used to do this at some point in my life. The real problem is us. We limit ourselves so much.

What is limitation? A limitation is a restriction that could be real or metaphorical which is caused by something or a circumstance. One thing I have discovered is that, alot of times we are our own restrictions. You see, before something is manifested in the physical, it is manifested in the mind (through our imagination) or in the spiritual as we may like to call it. Have you heard of the saying that you are what you think? I'm sure you are beginning to think through the times you told yourself that you couldn't do something before you started. I cannot count how many times I have done that myself. Lol. The real issue here is that we usually use our pasts to judge our present or our future. For instance, someone who has never failed a test or exam before will always have the confidence that they won't fail the next one. Let's say this fellow fails the next test they took, then fear steps in and he starts to doubt whether or not they will pass the test they are re-sitting.
The point is, we set ourselves up for failure most times when we let one small hiccup ruin our beautiful future. I mean, you were doing great before you had your most recent failure. And if you feel you have never been successful at what you do, then the problem is definitely in your mind. It's a little deeper than this. You will need to search your mind and pin point the root of your problems. Something has been conceived by someone (it could be you), somewhere in your distant past or in the present which causes you to end up failing.

How do you stop limiting yourself and fulfill purpose ?
1. Have something doing: He that doesn't have a seed to plant cannot yield harvest. You cannot give what you don't have. If you have nothing, find something. It doesn't have to be extra. It could be something little that you underestimate. Opportunities are usually disguised in little things.

2. You need to believe: Faith is so strong that it can move mountains. I'm not even speaking about religion here. Having faith in something can change your life for good. Faith is something that every successful person has. You can never come across any successful person who believed he could achieve something and didn't achieve it or believed that they could overcome a challenge and didn't overcome it. Also have faith that whatever you set your hands on will yield bountiful fruits.

3. Be intentional: Nothing good comes easy, so don't always expect that things will turn around the moment you start trying. You need to be intentional. Alot of people give up at the verge of their breakthroughs because they were tired and weary. It's absolutely fine to take a short break. It is unadvisable to give up trying. Be intentional.

4. Have a plan: Having a plan involves putting down your ideas on paper. For instance, I want to organize a webinar on Rape because I have a burning desire to eliminate it from the face of this Earth. How can I achieve this? By putting it down in writing, preferably in a journal, because whatever you write sticks. If you can't write wherever you are, do a voice note or type it on your phone. Your plan should include what you expect from your idea and how you want it to go. You don't have to have it all figured out. Once you have it on paper, you can always go back to it and add more ideas. Having a plan helps you use your imagination in a logical way.

5. Follow through with your plan: Following through with your plan entails you going by the books. You don't have to be spontaneous with this. Since you already have it written down in a plan, stick to the plan. This will teach you discipline.

6. Throw yourself outside the box: whatever you decide to work on doesn't have to be the norm. It doesn't have to have been done by someone else. If you're the first person to stumble on the idea, great! Work on it. Always remember that nothing is new under the sun. If others can achieve bringing something that was only possible in the mind to reality, then you can. 

Don't put yourself in any kind of box. Never ever limit yourself. When you do that, you're depriving the future generation of something they will find really useful. Flow with your mind and heart, however don't let logic leave you. Dream big but be reasonable in your planning.
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