Monday, 8 June 2020

Start Now Before It's Too Late!

Everyone has got potential. Yeah you have heard that so much. Everyone can get motivation. Of course, that's why some of you are here reading this. But what you do with motivation is important. Do you just get it to psyche yourself up for the meantime to make yourself happy, then you return back to the state you were before you attained the motivation? A lot of people read books. A lot of people listen to their religious leaders too but what do you do with the information you receive?

If you have received an idea, start before it is late. If you have been dreaming of attaining something make an effort to do it before it's too late. As much as people are advised to be patient to avoid moronic blunders, it's also very advisable to not sleep on some ideas or opportunities.

Opportunities are everywhere, no doubt. At the same time, they are rare. It isn't everytime that an opportunity comes to your door steps. Remember the saying that opportunity meets prepation. Don't even think about having a big break if you're not ready to start something.

Nothing comes by luck. Somethings must have been put in place somewhere  by somebody (whether it is you or someone else). Spread your seeds (ideas) around so that which ever clicks brings you your desired result. 

There is no such thing as accident. The universal law of cause and effect states that for every effect, there's a definite cause. Something is put in place to get another. Using what you have to get what you want entails that you use the ideas you have to make money or to get an opportunity you have so longed for. 

Do you have a journal and you enjoy putting down your beautiful ideas that could get you a fortune, yet you keep them there waiting for the money to manifest without it being put to use? This is not wisdom. I challenge you who has journals to dig them up and retrieve the ideas you have written down and start putting them to use.

Are you a writter/blogger, podcaster, YouTuber or social media influencer and you derive joy in sharing content that you have learnt, yet you do not practice them? You are not doing right by you. Others are getting blessed by your own ideas yet you do nothing with them, probably because it seems too large.

Start it now! Start what you have been contemplating for months before it becomes late or before someone else discovers the gold mine sitting beneath your nose. 

How can you start? 
1. Act immediately: Just  as you received that wonderful idea, you got a way to start but instead of starting immediately you decided to put it on paper, leaving it there to rot. Do what comes to your mind first. As you proceed with that idea you begin to get a clearer detail of your idea.

2. Strategize: Get a blueprint on how you want it to go. You may not get a complete picture immediately. Fix the details as it comes into your plan. Strategy is a sure tool to having effective result.

3. Tell someone you are accountable to: Don't share your ideas with someone you know will steal it before you even think of planning. Tell someone you know is ahead of you in things like this. That person could be a mentor or a trusted friend or even a family member. Choose this person wisely.

4. Discipline yourself: Make sure that you discipline yourself because nobody can really force you to start anything. Afterall, it's your life. You are the one benefiting from your idea and hard work.

5. Break your long term ideas to the minutest unit: In a case where the ideas you have are for long term goals, you can start small so that you do not get overwhelmed.

6. Be in tune with your spirituality: Praying and meditating will keep you enthusiastic. It will help you get a clearer picture of your ideas. It will keep you disciplined. It will help you achieve your set goals.

Start now. You do not have to start big. You can start small. Gradually you will upgrade to a better level. Avoid having negative thoughts. Sometimes you won't be able to help not feeling down. It's fine. It's a phase and surely you will overcome it. However start and you will be glad you did. The result is truly beautiful!
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