Thursday, 14 February 2019

Valentine's Message


February 14th, 2019- a special kind of Valentine for me. I finally see things in a different light.

Love in it's true light is revealed.

         So today, I learnt that love isn't about You. It's about the other person. The other person could be your spouse or lover, a close friend, a colleague or the person that lives next to you.

          In this generation, Love is usually manipulated and very hypocritical. This is the reason why some people find it difficult to trust and to love genuinely.

         What then is this genuine love? This type of love is kind. It is gentle. It knows no hate. This love is humble. It is sacrificial. This love is not manipulative. It goes the extra mile to make sure the other person is comfortable. True love shows faithfulness. It has so many flaws but knows no flaw ( a bit complicated right?).

         Pax Vobiscum says that love can leave one thinking up is down and down is up. Love definitely makes one seem foolish but once used wisely is the greatest gift of all. The golden rule revolves around Love.

     In this season of love, learn to  love someone and love wisely. Do you know someone that is in need of encouragement? A simple visit or gift can uplift their spirit. I love right, I hope you do too.

     Love rules!

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