Sunday, 17 February 2019


A happy Monday to you folks! It's a great day and I feel the urge to share one great message that can change the life of someone, if not everyone, today. That person just might be you.

  First let me ask you a question, how do you evaluate yourself? Better still, do you evaluate yourself? The word evaluation may look a little ambiguous in this context so let me rephrase my question. How do you see yourself? How do you grade your self-esteem?

    I have a philosophy that I share with most people I come in contact with, which is : you determine your self-esteem. Oh yes, I said it! Quote me anywhere, you are who you make yourself. You are your own potter and you are the clay. My last statement may seem contradictory but it's not. Have you ever read the biography of a great personality in the history of a country and this person's life was far from being rosy at the beginning, but the end turned out to be something that you might want to call  impossible? Well, impossible situations are the best. You know why? Because, you can choose to detach the first syllable from the word and turn it to two beautiful words ; I'm possible. It's like magic.

      Our lives are not built by chance. There's no luck anywhere. What is evident is the magic of self-evaluation in the positive light. All your problems have a simple solution. Panicking will do nothing. Struggling will do absolutely nothing. Saying just two words will soothe your ache, reaching down into your soul and pulling out the invader, the pollution and clutter that stops you from grabbing a hold on your destiny. Those two words are, I'm possible. 

      When you wake up in the morning and all you think about is the troubles of yesterday that you could not fix, say those two words to yourself ; I'm possible.

       Like magic, you begin to see youself in a different dimension and a new aura is bestowed on you. It's so fresh and rejuvenating, it rubs on everyone that comes in contact with you. You are possible. Believe it and you shall receive it!
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