Tuesday, 30 October 2018

One Word

If you were asked what your 'one word' is what would be your response?
When I say one word I mean a word that has been in your life for a very long time or has been there just for a while but you would never want to let go. For me it is Confidence.

 Confidence is my one word and I have had it in my life since I began to realize my personal qualities. Surprisingly, I was not confident but confidence was my one word. Ironical, you would say. But this was me simply putting what I believed I lacked as my one word. It definitely shaped me to be who I am and still is.

Your one word is that word you choose to play non stop like a song you are addicted to. It is a fixed deposit in your mind. It is that word you want so badly to believe that it naturally wears on you.

 Let it be the word you remember first when you wake up to begin a new day. Let it be that word that keeps you going whenever you are having a hard time. Let it be that word that reminds you of the future you dream of and propels you to work harder. Let it be that word that changes you forever.

My one word is confidence because I discovered that if I had confidence every other things would be a piece of cake for me. I realized that if I have confidence, I have nothing to lose.

What is your one word? Think about it. Take your time.
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